Olga Wunderlich has a gallery in Second Life, Fleur de Lys, and she interviews people involved with art, and art-related politics in Second Life. This blog has been created to share art and culture in Second Life. Upcoming shows and small reports of seen Art in SL will be posted here.

Fleur de Lys presents artist Pauline Baxter.

Fleur de Lys proudly presents artist Pauline Baxter.
Please come and join us for the opening night on
Sunday Dec 9, 2007
1pm SL time/ 22:00 Middle European time.

Photography exhibition with intense and provocative images from Second Life and a later concert with "Big Daddy Blues" Tone Uriza. !!!!

SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Buyeo/94/206/23

Pauline Baxter may be called a Second Life artist avant-la-lettre. Her work represents many aspects of what SL is or can be. In her photographs she depicts portraits, images of sexual dependency and visual political statements about freedom and the human (and avatar?) rights for self-determination: Pauline came to SL for explorations of the boundaries of life in virtual reality, not intending to do art. She very soon started a very personal and intense life style. When she first showed her photographs from SL in her private rooms, only, she was soon asked to photograph for friends and people who visited her. She thus became a portrait photographer of a very special kind: asked to take pictures, she would insist to have all freedom to do it in her ways, to do her art. The intensity of her images both shows her emotional engagement in SL and her professional background as artist in RL. Although life and art in SL still is more experiment and recreation for Pauline, her photographs from SL are inspiring, controversial and influential in many aspects.

Later in the evening, Tone Uriza, will sing and play for us. Known and appraised as "Big Daddy Blues" in SL and in RL as "Tony and the Torpedos" he will play the Blues for all of us. He already joined us some time ago as DJ during an opening and so we are very happy he will be with us with his live music.