Olga Wunderlich has a gallery in Second Life, Fleur de Lys, and she interviews people involved with art, and art-related politics in Second Life. This blog has been created to share art and culture in Second Life. Upcoming shows and small reports of seen Art in SL will be posted here.

SL art at Directors Lounge Berlin - 15 Febr., 2008

SL art at Directors Lounge Berlin - 10 Febr., 2008 curated by Olga Wunderlich

Directors Lounge on Second Life
Second Life art at Directors Lounge

On two nights during Directors Lounge, the media art festival during Berlinale, we will present art from Second Life in Berlin, live at the venue in Friedrichstra├če. The events will be inworld events which will be show live in the cinema in Berlin.

• SL two • Live from Second Life Fri 15th 6pm (Freitag, 15.2. 18 Uhr)
Art Places, Performance and Filmmaking in Second Life
Curated and guided by Olga Wunderlich

YOUin3D.com presentation with excerpt from the film "Kinshasa 2.0 "
Followed by A Guided Tour through newBERLIN and the newBERLIN Art Festival .
Virtual JAZZ with Juria Yoshikawa (visuals and installation) and Noizz Papp (sounds) on Diabolus Island as part of the current art show CARP3
"Gaz of the Desert" film by Gazira Babeli, artist in Second Life, filmed entirely on Odyssey Island
Program starts on time.

The NewERLIN Art Festival will be presented in two cities in RL on that day, in Kopenhagen and Berlin. We will start in Berlin with the meeting of the two moderators of NewBERLIN, Lastchancer Nomura, who will just have made the tour from a Kopenhagen gallery and January Lightfoot, who will be in Berlin at Directors Lounge, and who will give the the tour to the Berlin audience. Meeting point: the Directors Lounge Pavillon at NewBERLIN.

NewBERLIN is a stunningly realistic reconstruction of Berlin in Second Life starting from the most prominent spot in Berlin, Alexanderplatz with inclusion of the most recent buildings and still expanding. NewBerlin also hosts art festivals and regular exhibitions in the "Kulturbahnhof" the platform of the S-Bahn and in the Cubix building, the close-by cinema. On the day of our guided tour, NewBerlin is hosting the NewBerlin Art Festival which will also be shown life in Kopenhagen at that same day. ... of the YOUin3D.com crew, the owners of NewBerlin will show us around and will be present for Q&A.

In the short intermission, the Berlin audience will see some excerpts of a film made in Second Life and Kenia.

"Kinshasa 2.0" of which we will see an excerpt, plays both in Second Life and in the Real world and tells the story of a prominent family in Democratic Republic of Congo whose members have been divided through political exile and who can only meet in the virtual world of Second Life. The film will be premiered in full length on this year’s Berlinale.

The Berlin audience will then be let to Diabolus Island, where another exhibition takes place: CARP3, but we will see an inworld performance of two artists live on Diabolus. This will be a public online event

Diabolus Island, on the other hand, is a much more "artificial" generic environment, where selected artists experiment with the in-world possibilties of building, sculpting and scripting in Second Life. Velazques Boneto, one of the owners and founder of Diabolus is a professional programmer and IT professor provides hands-on help for the artists with programming solutions for the individual and collaborative projects which are being realized here. CARP3 is the name of the current exhibition we will visit. We will attend the Collaborative Improvisation (Virtual JAZZ) by Juria Yoshikawa, visual artist and nnoiz Papp, sound artist. Both artists are incredibly active in Second Life will almost weekly, sometimes even more frequent, activities.

Finally, the Berlin audience will be presented the film "Gaz of the Desert".

"Gaz of the Desert", on the other hand, is a film shot entirely in Second Life and tells dreamlike encounters of artist Gazira Babeli with other characters in an environment, which was an art piece by itself, and which was built by the same artist. Gazira Babeli, main actor, protagonist, stage designer and filmmaker in one person is a well-known artist who is only active in Second Life.


DirectorsLounge at Newberlin:


"Kinshasa 2.0" - film

Gallery Diabolus
SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Benvolio/203/100/21
Juria Yoshikawa - artist

nnoiz Papp - artist

Gazira Babeli - artist

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