Olga Wunderlich has a gallery in Second Life, Fleur de Lys, and she interviews people involved with art, and art-related politics in Second Life. This blog has been created to share art and culture in Second Life. Upcoming shows and small reports of seen Art in SL will be posted here.

Fleur de Lys presents artist Treb Larkham

Please join us for the opening reception of TREB LARKHAM’s show of paintings of flowers.

Opening reception,
Tuesday, 22 April 2008,
at noon 12:00 SL time, or 21:00 CET (in Europe).

I promise you will be surprised. The paintings of TREB LARKHAM bear an incredible expressive realism, hard to be described. There are many tales that may be told about them: the painter spends months on one image, she uses her own photographs, and in some paintings a very old technique, Encaustic painting. However, all this doesn’t tell anything about the intensity, and the impression, given, of being contemporary and timeless at the same time. Plus, the work does not seem to lose this when presented in Second Life. It may change, it might not be the same, but it creates a new illusive reality.

The artists LOOP LOU and MAXXO KLAAR will join and provide us with us for ambient sounds and our traditional after party dance music tunes with an experiment in sound and music mixes. We are happy to welcome the two Pomodoro Bolzano artists.

The Fleur de Lys owners, Olga Wunderlich and Anderson Philbin are proud to host this show on Buyeo 99, 206, 22

Direct Link to the gallery FLEUR DE LYS
SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Buyeo/90/199/21

Treb Larkham has already been presented at NewBERLIN Art Festival on February this year. More shows of her were to be seen at Ginsberg ARTS Center and Angel Dorei Museum.

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